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This project contains various MS Word document generation, reporting and mail-merge examples using Docentric Toolkit.

About Docentric Toolkit

Docentric Toolkit is an MS Word document generation, mail-merge and reporting toolkit for .NET designed to drastically reduce the time and effort required to create and maintain automated documents and reports in MS Word. Template design, since it is easy-to-use and tightly integrated with MS Word, can be delegated to business users or non-technical users.


Docentric Toolkit features:
  • 100% .NET managed code - no Office COM. Apps with Docentric Toolkit can be deployed on server side without installed MS Word.
  • Design templates directly in MS Word with the help of an MS Word Add-In
  • Can be used in any type of .NET applications: ASP.NET (MVC, Web Forms), WPF, Win Forms, WCF, Windows Service
  • Templating features include multiple sections, headers and footers, nested tables, nested bulleted lists, horizontal tables, images, charts, shapes, comments etc.
  • Merge and combine documents

Docentric Toolkit consists of two basic parts:

Using Examples

  • Examples are in the form of a Visual Studio 2010 solution (also work in VS 2012) containing C# projects:
    • Docentric.Examples.Browser project containing all featured examples.
    • Docentric.Examples.Data project containing sample data consumed by the Docentric.Examples.Browser project.
  • Since the solution uses Docentric Toolkit you will have to download and install it first.
  • Note that Docentric Toolkit is a commercial product and the evaluation will only lasts for 30 days.

Future releases:

We plan to exand the current release in the following directions:
  • Additional examples for the "Example Browser" application
  • VB.Net version of the "Example Browser" application
  • An MVC application containing examples

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